Wasted journeys fee – When it is not our error that the skip can not be collected, we charge a fee to cover the time and fuel of the transport. We always try to avoid this as we have rented the skip to another customer, requiring the skip off-hire. The driver may not collect due to the skip being overloaded or the skip is obstructed or blocked. Over-filled skips – You are responsible for making sure the skip is level load as you are hiring the skip container. If the skip is overfilled and unsafe to carry to the professional HGV driver may decide he can not remove the skip, and a wasted journey fee can be applied.

You could leave the waste outside in an accessible place, for example your front garden, to allow for easy access if you can’t be present. In addition, perfectly reusable items are destroyed and illegal fly tipping continues. Less CO2 emissions – by matching you to nearby rubbish collectors who can optimise their routes, we help reduce the distance travelled and therefore carbon footprint of your waste removal. We recommend leaving hazardous waste andasbestos disposal to the professionals.

This helps minimise the time the crew needs to spend offloading waste. The reason why the box is often metal cage rather than solid side is too keep weight to a minimum and maximise payload. The volume of the box on a waste tipper truck is typically 10 cubic yards – 14 cubic yards. The price of kitchen installation waste disposal depends on the size of the kitchen you’re replacing and if you need to dispose of the old kitchen.

However, if you’re planning to handle any kind of hazardous waste disposal yourself, please ensure you take extreme care and wear appropriate PPE. Its size and weight makes it difficult to move it from A to B. There are companies that specialise in piano removals or you could pay a local waste team to collect and dispose of the piano for you. However, it’s always worth seeing if anyone is interested in taking your piano off of your hands for free. The easiest option is to see if your retailer offers a take-back service when you buy a new appliance through them. When that’s not an option, you could take the junk to your local HWRC.

They said they do house clearance, man with a van jobs, garden waste and general waste clearance. Have you spent years building on Rubbish Clearance techniques to form a flawless approach that gets things done both quickly and safely? Do you know what supplies you may need, or the equipment best suited to what needs doing?

Light goods vehicles, although cheaper and easier to run than heavy goods vehicles, must by law never weigh more than 3.5 tonnes. An empty LGV truck, crew and fuel weighs 2.0 – 2.5 tonnes, which leaves 1.0 – 1.5 tonnes capacity for the waste (this figure is called the vehicle’s ‘payload’). That payload is fine if the waste is a mix of bulky materials but not if it contains mostly inert waste. So, if you do have lots of very heavy, dense demolition or excavation waste, you will probably be better offer hiring a skip. For those of you in a hurry, your fastest option is to pay a man & van waste team to collect your waste.

Our Man & Van service is the highest-rated rubbish clearance solution. Didn’t have much budget to hire a waste disposal service, and chose RubbishClearanceBow because they were really cheap and we could afford them. Was a bit worried that meant they’d be useless, but took a chance, and so pleased we did because they…

However, there may be other factors that can cause higher or lower creatinine levels in your blood that are not related to your kidney health. In other words, your actual kidney function may be higher or lower than what is reported in your lab results. Many companies around the UK use our repeat recycling service.

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