Though cash handling indirectly generates transaction costs, and merchants pay 휴대폰 소액결제 현금화 significant fees for the service of cashless payment, both types of costs of payments are included in the price of a service or product. The question of whether this model will sustain for mobile payments, or whether consumers will be prepared to pay explicitly for security and convenience, is still to be resolved. Despite failures in the global banking system, consumers do still appear to set some store by their banks. This is further demonstrated by Figure 9, which shows just how important respondents still consider trustworthiness over convenience – “Knowing the provider is trustworthy” is considered important by over 70% of UK and USA respondents for example, whilst only 30% value “The convenience of the service”. Even given the current climate, banks have a significant head start in providing mobile payment services.

South Korea was the first country to allocate a national budget to deal with these problems of Internet and gaming addiction . As part of a national policy addressing this public health concern several ministries (i.e., MGEF, MCST, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Ministry of Education, Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Justice, and the Korea Communications Commission) are involved in tackling the problem. In addition, there are also autonomous regional organizations such as the Internet Addiction Prevention and Counseling Center that engage in systematic activity related to problematic Internet and gaming use . Similarly, China runs state-owned treatment centers such as the General Hospital of Beijing Military Region’s Internet Addiction Treatment Center (Huang, Li, & Tao, 2010; Stone, 2009) to address problematic gaming.

The key driver for this scenario is the innovation created by intermediaries, who are looking for ways to process payments without using existing wire transfer and bank card processing networks. Their innovative models might be capable of excluding traditional players and catalysing adoption. We can read that cash and debit card are the key payment methods to target for replacement by mobile mechanisms, particularly for lower value transactions. The data also suggests that go-to-market strategies need to be developed with sensitivity to specific country differences. All the same they are coming under increasing pressure as growing numbers of mobile payment market participants introduce new ways to conduct business, new thinking in terms of security and privacy, and new technologies which drive faster adoption. These put pressure on existing players to respond, at the same time as impacting the value chains upon which all participants depend.

In particular, it is preferable that the second receiving unit 122 and the sales server 140 are connected by a dedicated line to prevent external hacking and leakage of personal information.

The communication network is a network for connecting the first mobile terminal 110, the link server 120, the second mobile terminal 130, and the sales server 140 to each other, and is a LAN , a WAN or the like, but it may be an open network such as the Internet. Herein, the Internet includes various services existing in the upper layer of the TCP / IP protocol such as HyperText Transfer Protocol , Telnet, File Transfer Protocol , Domain Name System , Simple Mail Transfer Protocol , and Network Information Service , which are used in the Internet.

Consequently, this review also included potential policies, regulations, and/or actions. It aimed to systematically examine possible policy responses in the field of problematic video gaming and as such, help all stakeholders in finding powerful solutions together including gamers, friends and family members, treatment providers, prevention experts, game developer companies, and policymakers.

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