If you need free icons, check out the Icons section in our Template Hub. Rather, they’d only want to look at the results of your final analysis. They’d be more interested to hear about your findings and your conclusions.

The next step is to go through every single factor you’ve written down. Then add a column for Opportunities and Threats. Write down what opportunities and threats are brought about by each factor.

Free PESTLE Diagram PowerPoint template can become a vivid title page for your topic. Introduce the issue and specify the problem by placing text on the slide. All elements are editable and adjustable to the style of a presentation. Quality is perfect on all devices regardless of their resolutions. It is able to help you to present the topic structurally and professionally, demonstrate your awareness of the topic.

Use our Process Improvement presentation — including common techniques and frameworks — to be more efficient at what you do. Uniquely designed and animated corporate slides with an Uber-like feel. Available in both Microsoft Powerpoint and Apple Keynote formats. Most slides in this deck have a 2-3 second composition build, and a second slow-animation to ensure your listeners stay focused on the presentation. 160 uniquely designed and animated slides on both light and dark themes, and in standard and HD formats. Ensure that your business continues to thrive under unfavorable conditions with our Business Continuity deck.

Many businesses have failed because they didn’t keep up with the latest technology, so make sure you do your research carefully. What’s the culture like in places where your business operates? Do you or your team know the local population well? Are you targeting a specific ‘class’ of people, that is, are you targeting blue-collar workers or the white-collar executive-type? If you intend to do some marketing later on, knowing these factors will help you come up with a marketing plan that will help address your target audience’s pain points. Look for any political factors or issues that may have an effect on your business.

The PEST analysis is the study of political, economic, social, and technological factors that can affect a company’s activities. Hislides can also give you options of possible graphic organizers you may need. They can give you templates for business, marketing, education, or startups.

You can look at new technology that may have a direct or indirect effect on your business. For instance, you can investigate the latest tech trends and determine which can possibly hurt your business. Brainstorm on possible technology which will help make your business run more efficiently. Are your competitors currently using any of these technologies? Would it help improve your worker’s productivity if you allowed them to work remotely a couple days a week instead of going to the office? Do you need to roll out a mobile app to help improve your market share?

Is your task to explain the PESTLE analysis and provide its results to listeners? Then you definitely need a stylish and unique slide for your cover page. This pestle analysis template by hislide will be the best one. A creative image attracts listeners and identifies the topic under consideration. A text block provided on the left side of the slide allows describing a general idea before going into details. It is possible to adjust the template to a corporate style of your presentation in a few clicks.

This presentation includes practical frameworks to help you perform better impact assessment, risk management, prevention and recovery strategies, and many more. HiSlide is also sharing various styles and designs of templates for PESTEL analysis. They are also considering PEST and PESTLE models that can be used for other situations.

All necessary useful tools are present in the template. Due to the use of free Google fonts, you don’t have to install additional fonts. To maintain a strong position in a niche, increase competitiveness, and maintain stable sales, one needs to regularly conduct a comprehensive PEST analysis. This is the study of the key factors of the macro environment, which affect the company’s profit.

Marketplace Free and Premium PowerPoint, Google slides, Keynote Templates for business, education, marketing. General overview slide for PESTEL analysisThis slide looks similar to slide #2 . If you’re looking for the perfect PESTEL analysis template to download for your PowerPoint presentation, then this is the slide you need to use. The Social slide of the PEST Template PackThis is the Social slide. You can use one box or two boxes, depending on the social factors you want to present to your audience.

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