Updated the word lists and added the names of another 1000 famous people. It does what you expect it to do straight out of the box, very intuitively. When you want to put the time into learning the more advanced instructions then it does lots of clever things.

Of special help are lists of Oscar winners, Nobelists, Wimbledon champions, popes, makes of autos, dogs in TV shows, and dozens of other fact-based categories useful to puzzlers. No matter how carefully crosswords are constructed, some words do show up in them much more frequently than in everyday speech and writing. In fact, many crosswords contain words that even a well-rounded person may never encounter outside a puzzle context. The Andrew Swanfeldt best crossword dictionary offers an instant finder system that groups words by the number of letters rather than putting them in alphabetical order. For instance, if you are looking for an eight-letter word that means “with joy,” you can look under “joy” in the instant finder system and instantly find a synonym with eight letters.

Let’s split up how to do a crossword puzzle into the basic steps as well as some pro tips. To use our FREE crossword solver just follow the link below… Did you know that you can actually submit your crosswords to be published?

Rather than entering a question mark for unknowns, with this site, you will need to leave blank spaces. You can also put in a pattern and get a list of words that follow the pattern. Its easy-to-use search tool allows you to quickly look through the dictionary, thesaurus, and even the translator. Collins also features popular tools, like trending words and a word of the day, to grow your vocabulary. The word list feature in this dictionary can provide quick access to politicians, composers, and writers. Beyond finding the best crossword answer, the word solver will also find similar words with the same number of letters.

Stanley Newman is an American puzzle creator, editor, and publisher. Newman’s puzzle career started after he won the inaugural U.S. Open Crossword Championship in 1982, and he has been an editor for the Newsday Sunday crossword puzzle since 1988, and editor of the Newsday daily crossword puzzle since 1992. The Million Word Crossword Dictionary, compiled by my colleagues Stanley Newman and Daniel Stark, has been created to break solving impasses. The Million Word Crossword Dictionary gets high marks for its comprehensive list of words, along with the fact that it includes modern slang and is printed with easy-to-read large type. These are a few of the reasons why it’s MSN.com’s highest-rated crossword dictionary.

A comprehensive listing of over 60,000 entries, it’s the essential reference for satisfying crossword-solving. The most important tip is to practice. Max Deutsch took a month to master the Saturday New York Times crossword, and it required consistent practice, about 46 hours in total. He used a lot of memorization with letter training, memorizing crossword answers and clue pairings, and completing a sizable number of puzzles. Practice is a huge piece of the puzzle but not the only piece, as harder puzzles like cryptic crosswords require divergent and flexible thinking.

The Chambers online dictionary is a crossword lover’s go-to resource for online searching. In addition to the free online edition, this tool is available in a highly-rated app via Google Play. This search guide allows puzzlers to peruse a full dictionary as well as a thesaurus and biographical dictionary. Bored with your current crossword puzzles and looking for a new challenge? With all the hidden words, double definitions, missing letters, and wordplays, untangling cryptic clues can leave your head spinning.

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