The platform is a scalable and integrated app that can fit teams of any size and companies in a wide range of industries. Aside from improving time tracking and attendance management, When I Work is can also be an effective solution to simplify payroll and prevent unauthorized overtime. Setting up your team’s work schedules takes only a few minutes using When I Work’s intuitive interface. Its scheduling features include one-click scheduling, labor forecasting, shift change schedule alerts, and labor reports. The platform also has a schedule enforcement feature that lets managers and team leaders limit clock-ins to employee shifts and locations so there is better control over work schedules. Click on this link

These are the logos of the best restaurants in the world that have stood the test of time and their success speaks volumes. Finally, don’t forget to imagine how your logo will look on the sparkling, massive sign that welcomes your customers. The best restaurant logos look great there and everywhere you would want to show them off. Show off your storefront, get up close with your top dishes, and use this social media main stage as a place to play around with your brand identity. For example, an all-natural health food store might try snapping pics of people kayaking, cooking, farming, or other activities you think your fan base will enjoy. Let’s take these strategies one step further with some easy and creative restaurant marketing ideas.

Setting up your restaurant’s Google Business Profile is as important as your Yelp account. This listing allows you to appear in Google Maps, local search results, and the right-side Knowledge Panel in regular search results. So first and foremost, understand your target audience, then further segment that audience into individual buyer personas with interests and lifestyles you cater to.

But some restaurants, like Juliet in Somerville, Massachusetts are really thriving with a no-tip, profit-sharing model. Many times, restaurant owners are fueled by universal goals and passions, like building a strong sense of community, providing for their families, and creating new opportunities. To understand what made them decide to embark on this journey, we asked restaurant owners to take a moment to reflect. Here are the reasons — short and to the point — why they opened a restaurant.

Okay, so it might not be a real place, but this fictional cafe’s site is so unique it’s worth including. A completely interactive 3-D space from the back of the bar to the second floor, there isn’t a single area that can’t be explored on this website. Janez Bratovž, master chef and author, runs JB Restaurant with his family in Slovenia. With a clean and simple design, his website draws all its viewers’ attention to the food. The backgrounds are white with light, watercolour designs and plain black text.

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