Lake stewardship is alive and well in the Ellis Pond community! The Ellis Pond Sidekicks are also very active in lake stewardship. LSM Certified Lake Monitor, Ross Swain has been checking the health of the pond for 25 years. Recently, he documented the development of a brief, late season algal bloom, which sometimes occurs when a lake “”turns over”” (de-stratifies or mixes).

Saplings were then cut and placed upright in the water, arranged across the mouth of the cove in an attempt to disguise its existence. Fortunately, no British ship came up the river, so the yard remained intact. However, one fishing smack became so imbedded in the mud that it had to be abandoned.

The chapel of the hospital building curiously built in latticed soft stone, gothic style, is actually a nineteenth-century structure and a fine example of neo-gothic architecture of the period. In the mid-twelfth century, Count of Hainaut Baldwin IV the builder surrounded the town of Quesnoy with ditches and ramparts and also built in 1150 the castle which became an important the center of the fortifications of the town Vijverbenodigdheden Town Forest contains many wildlife habitats and rare natural occurences. Pictured to the right is Buxton Brook Marsh, an acidic bog that hosts beavers, perch, California Pitcher Plants, and other unique wildlife. Due to the high acidity of the water, which is rare in New Hampshire, only certain species can thrive here. This entire area is considered to be an extremely important aspect of our watershed.

This behavior suddenly made ice available to the average person, increasing market demand and leading to changes in food preservation, notably the development of the household ice chest. Morse, coming some 70 years later, sold stock in his ice company and expanded his business. In a ploy to create a monopoly and manipulate the price of ice, driving it higher, Morse failed. The corruption was revealed by the New York Journal and Advertiser, however Morse was able to leave the ice trade with an estimated $12 million in profits.

Zulte Waregem red and green jersey are Thorgan Hazard, Thomas Buffel, Nikica Jelavić and Saido Berahino who joined in summer 2019. The home ground is the 12,414-capacity Regenboogstadion , which sits next to fishing ponds in a pleasant landscaped area in the centre of Waregem. Known as the Ypres of World War I fame and shame, “”Wipers”” to the Tommies in the trenches, Ieper to the locals, this town was the Hiroshima of The Great War. Founded in the 10th century, as a popular stop on the Brugge-Paris trade route, Ieper’s textile industry helped it expand into one of the region’s major cities during the Middle Ages. A population of around 100,000 lived here when the city flourished as a mercantile center in the 13th century; however, because it occupied a precarious border with France, the city became a target of political problems and disasters. Epidemics, sieges, repressions, and strife took their toll, and the cloth-makers packed their bags in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Morse’s timing turned out to be good, by the early 1900s the invention of mechanical cooling and fears over typhoid and pollution caused a significant downturn in the purchasing of natural ice. Today, ice harvesting is no longer a commercial venture but has remained as a component of historical reenactments and occasionally for use in ice sculptures. Both ice-in and ice-out are really proxies for climate change and variations between seasons. The charts of average ice-out dates show the movement towards an earlier ice-out, indicated by the negative slope of these two trend lines. One of the important take-aways is that there is significant variation between the years and even decades. It is only with long-term data sets that trends can be identified.

Visit to the church attics of Merkem in the lowland open polder landscape, together with Floris Verhaeghe. We confirmed that a large roost of Myotis mystacinus found a few years earliers by members of JNM, Jeugdbond voor Natuurstudie en Milieubeheer, is still present in the church attics. All prices and availability are updated according to the selected delivery country. Sales of vegetable plants at the markets increased year after year, and more and more loyal customers joined in. In 2013, sales in both the garden centre, the market and wholesale were bursting at the seams.

The 2019 data indicated that Georges experienced a significant increase in phosphorus from internal loading (released from deep-water sediment during summer stratification and anoxia). This internal loading had presumably been happening for years. After considering many options , an Alum treatment was recommended to reduce the internal phosphorus loading.

It was the first state forest in New London County, with the first acreage purchased in 1926. The hunting lodge and the remainder of the property, including the dam and pond, were sold to Edwin S. Goodwin as a private estate. Bond erected a 125 foot flagpole on the property, the main pole of which was a mast from a four-masted schooner. An Honor Roll of town residents who served in the First World War was placed at the corner, to be joined in more recent years by a Memorial to those who gave their lives in World War II, Korea and Vietnam.

Its by-laws were expanded to also protect the water quality in Nickerson Lake, and the forested land of the preserve is undoubtedly a significant component to its good water quality. The Nickerson Lake community has a website and a Facebook page. The Nickerson Lake Conservation Fund — a subsidiary organization — has recently put together a photo submission contest for their 2020 photo poster as a means of fundraising. This flight speed serves them well as they have been known to migrate over 2,500 km , northward in spring to locations that include Maine lakes, where they nest and typically raise 1-2 chicks. Toward the end of summer and early fall, they begin their southerly journey to winter habitat.

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