Cat affected by fleas often show symptoms like itching, scratching on the body. The condition is not dangerous to your cat but still it makes it uncomfortable for your cat. You cannot take your cat out anywhere without having him covered with flea bites because he has fleas on his body. Fleas are parasites, and they thrive on the blood of cats. It is not easy for the cat to get rid of the parasites because they have hooks that can be attached to his skin. Learn more information about

Hookworms in cats as their name implies, these parasites have tiny hooks that allow them to attach to the walls of the intestinal tract and feed on blood which enter the body. These parasites are usually transmitted by the fecal-oral way. Once you see the symptoms of hookworm, you should take action immediately. The disease is treatable but you must consult a veterinarian before trying to treat it yourself.

You can also treat flea infestation with a good commercial flea collar. These collars contain an adhesive strip on its base that catches the fleas as soon as they bite your cat or any other pet. However, these collars do not seem to have any effect on adult fleas because they lay eggs inside the body and if these eggs are not removed from the body they may result in severe intestinal problems for the cat.

To stop the infestation of fleas, you have to ensure that your cat has a clean and healthy environment. You need to keep your cat away from places where there is a lot of fleas like your house, your pet’s bedding and on your clothes and bedding. You should also vacuum your house regularly.

The reason why the cat is infested by these parasites is because of poor hygiene. Your cat is easily attracted to the odor of urine and it is often caused by fleas. Cleanliness is the only way to prevent flea infestation.

The problem of infestation of fleas and its infestation in your cat can be prevented if you follow a healthy diet. Feeding your cat with high quality canned and dry cat food will help a lot. In addition, you should also give your cat a proper diet consisting of pellets and homemade treats that are rich in fiber and protein.

Other flea control medication that you can use on a regular basis is insecticidal powder that can be applied on your pet’s bedding, carpets and clothing. This medication is safe for cats and kittens and does not produce any side effects.

Cat owners can prevent the spread of infestation of fleas from one household member to the other by using anti-parasitic sprays that contain boric acid or other organic compounds. These medicines work by penetrating the skin and thus killing the parasites.

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