Virtual Reality coming to our everyday lives?

They say that war is the reason for progress. Maybe so, but even without it we can achieve great things. Just look at how far have we come in the last 20-30 years. In our lifetime we have come from a world without computers or internet. I remember as a kid, I even used to have penpals. Do penpals even exist anymore?

Anyway, not that long ago, we used to rely on the radio, TV and newspapers. Movies would take up to a year to launch in cinemas around the world and as far as opportunities go, there weren't that many.

Now, in 20 short years everyone owns a cellphone and a computer that gives you all the power you can realistically dream of. Sort of like a modern superhero. All of thew world's knowledge is at your disposal, if you are willing to look for it. A bit scary, don't you think?

If you do, there's some more bad news coming. Think about how mobile phones started as a simple and expensive means of communication while now they have recorders, cameras, sophisticated apps, voice controls, etc. Big companies have noticed that too and used everything to their advantage. For instance, online casino industry started implementing mobile into their services very early on. I want to put special emphasis on live casino games that give you a stream of a casino where you can play. Especially, party casino live games . How soon do you think casinos will start implementing virtual reality into their services? My guess, pretty soon. The reason for that is its entertainment value, the same reason why no bank will have VR anytime soon. You use your phone or computer to pay bills. That's convenient. But I highly doubt there was ever a time when you wanted to be in the bank itself, physically or virtually, while doing it.

Entertainment, especially poker, sports betting, casino that you can now play online will look for every opportunity to bring VR in. Again, because it would offer more entertainment value.

And I bet this is not the end. It is merely the beginning. Just how 20 years ago we couldn't imagine our lives being so dependent on our computer or phone, in 20 years our lives will be at least 50/50 virtual. Video games, dating, tourism, imagine the possibilities. Even shopping.

Remember that scene from the Matrix where Neo gets to 'shop' for guns ? Wouldn't it be fun if a supermarket did this? You want some milk, click, whoosh and you're standing in the middle of the dairy aisle.

But one of the things still keeps me at night. With mobile, everyone found a way to use it. I know I gave that bank analogy, but I still wonder. Will VR be a thing mostly welcome in entertainment industry or, just like mobile, every kind of business will find a way to utilize it? Of course, it's not for the business to decide, but for the consumer. But only if businesses like a bank decides to give them that opportunity of choice.

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