On-site and laboratory calibration services for medical, electronic and dimensional instruments. Distributor of calibrating, testing and measuring equipment. Calipers, micrometers, multimeters, flow and conductivity meters are offered.

Calibration ensures that your equipment is performing optimally according to manufacturer’s specifications. Frequent calibration may be necessary depending on many factors which could include environmental conditions, vibrations, heavy usage, lack of use and the instrument being moved often. At BTS when we perform any weight/balance/scale calibration we run any internal calibration of the unit as well as perform an external calibration using NIST calibrated weights.

With our 31+Years of experience in instrument calibration, you can trust BTS with any weight/balance/scale calibration you may have. Turnkey system integrator of thermal and automation systems. Remote monitoring systems, UL control panels, Internet of things (IoT) and PLC/SCADA software are provided. Programming, calibration and repair services are also offered. Serves the water or wastewater, heat treat, bio-pharmaceutical, aerospace, power generation, manufacturing, mineral, mining, oil, gas, food and beverage industries. Autoclave calibration services to record components and devices.

Distributor of wide range of bench and ramp avionics test equipment. Keysight minimizes the uncertainties of measurements during the development of performance tests, both in the selection of lab standards and in the calibration procedures. You can count on correct pass / fail results for any calibration that Keysight performs. Choice B often occurs when third-party calibration labs measure your instrument’s current performance with lab standards that are not up to the task. It is important to calibrate equipment to help assure accurate measurements and production of quality products with reduced errors and recalls.

Serves the aerospace, transportation, automation, automotive, defense, laboratory, military, and nuclear industries. BTS is now able to offer calibration services for various real-time PCR instruments mentioned below. This service is critical to ensure that the instrument continues to perform at the highest possible level, and that the data it produces is accurate and repeatable. Since the light source changes over time, it is recommended that the halogen-based instrumentation be calibrated every six months, and LED-based be calibrated annually.

Calibration is a comparison between the measurements of one device with an established magnitude or correctness known as the “standard” and a second device known as the test instrument. The standard is often no less than four times the accuracy of the test instrument that it is calibrating. Calibration is the procedure of comparing a reference with a known error margin against a device (for example a pressure gauge) under test. If the device doesn’t match the reference, then we adjust it to match, or at least come close, the desired measuring accuracy. The reference measurement instrument must be more accurate than the pressure gauge to be calibrated, and it must also be traceable.

Michelli also offers a wide range of calibration services in other measurement disciplines, including force, torque, pressure, electronic, dimensional & more. Click here to learn more about our calibration services. At times, even the highest quality pressure gauge instruments are subject to drift, resulting in inaccurate measurements and poor performance. Hence, pressure gauge instrument calibration is imperative to get the most precise results in your science. When allowed, pressure gauges that are critical to your processes can drift out of specification, damage your results, and might be a risk to employee safety as well.

To calibrate a pressure gauge, we will need to check the values throughout the entire measuring range, zero point, intermediate values, and the full-scale value. Services include calibration, preventive maintenance, engineering and validation services. Quality metrology and troubleshooting services are available for clean utilities, automated process equipment, analytical laboratory equipment, HVAC controls, SCADA and building management systems. Data from 10 calibration service providers show all but one tested performance of less than 50% of the instrument’s specifications — in some cases, testing was less than 25%. If your tests rely on key critical specifications that are missed during calibration, your test equipment is likely out-of-specification. Having worked within the pharma and biotech industries prior to IPS’ inception, our owners have experienced all of the ups and downs our own customers experience.

Our lab technicians work quickly and with great attention to detail so that your equipment returns to service as soon as possible. Our lab calibrated instruments are returned to their businesses both meeting regulations and operating accurately; their dependability and reliability unmatched. Calibration services for measurands such as acoustics, audiometry, vibration, shock, dynamic pressure and force, rotation rate, inclination, and electrical. On-site calibration services are also offered for vibration test systems. Serves the electronics, seismology and geoscience, aviation, and automotive industries.

IPS provides support and calibration services at your facility/place of business. Whatever the unique needs of your company may be, IPS has got you covered. There are many los angeles calibration lab services throughout Southern California but none of them are as focused nor as dedicated as is International Process Solutions. Our commitment to excellence and meeting the specific needs of those in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries are second none.

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