Underage users of TikTok do not necessarily have a realistic understanding of account turnover and debt. If you ignore the number of coins given away, you can even get into debt in the worst case. Permission for using coins has persons older than 18. Suppose underage TikTok users still want to send gifts to their idols. In that case, the transaction should only do in their presence and with their parent’s permission.

Growing your follower count will help you grow faster and receive more consistent tokens. While purchasing coins is always an option, using hacks can lead to fraud and scams, so it’s better to earn coins in legitimate ways. The easiest way to obtain tiktok free coins is by receiving them as gifts. This means that other users spend their money to buy coins and then send them to you as a reward for your content.

The value of the coins depends on the exchange rate. Hence, these coins have different values every time. Since the exchange system is always dynamic, the value of coins you have today may not remain the same tomorrow. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select.

If you would like to send coins as virtual TikTok gifts, you first call up the TikTok video or live stream of the respective creator. In the comment area, tap on the gift icon at the bottom right of the text field. If the selected TikTok account cannot or does not want to receive gifts, the symbol does not exist.

Yes, Influencers can cash out TikTok coins for which they need a PayPal account. The minimum balance that you must have in your TikTok account is $100. The maximum everyday limit of withdrawal is $1000 as well. The coins earned by influencers are first converted into diamonds and one diamond is equivalent to 100 coins. Go to the profile picture, select the three-bar symbol, and then the “”Creator Tools”” item. Use the Promote option to choose a video that you want to get more coverage.

On the next page, you can select coin packs to sell for real money. However, according to the TikTok terms and conditions, the purchase, loading, and sending of coins are only permitted from 18. I’ll guide you through buying, loading, and sending coins like a pro.

You can make new friends on this app and collaborate with them in videos. Tiktok is the most popular and best video sharing platform and the best thing is that this app has built-in video editor. You do not have to get any other video editor because you can directly edit your videos within this app. Shoot video right from this app and edit it according to your need. Adjust the speed of your videos and create slow motion effect.

Make videos with your friends and create memories with them. You can also use copyright free songs in your videos for free. Tiktok allows you to withdraw cash once you have 1000 followers. The gifts you earn are first converted into diamonds and these diamonds are redeemed in cash. It is also important to know that TikTok takes 50% of the commission on your earnings. By going into your account, under the Balance section, you will be able to see the live gifts and accumulated diamonds.

Therefore, TikTok is restrictive in ways to send free coins, and there is no guarantee for any of these methods. Sending gifts to your favorite influencers can be quite fun. Influencers can really enjoy the love they get in the form of gifts as well as make money out of their talent.

TikTok Coins is an exceptional in-app currency that allows you to show support to the creators on TikTok or send gifts to other users. Beyond sending gifts to the creator, there are a few other ways you can improve your TikTok Live viewing experience. One of the places you can send gifts to a creator is on their TikTok Live. When you purchase a gift to send on a TikTok Live, a notification will appear on the screen for everyone, including the creator. This allows the creator to see who is sending them gifts and typically thank them in real-time.

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