ProProfs is a simple website to create your own word games that anyone can play. Unlike several other free online puzzle makers, ProProfs doesn’t limit how many puzzles you can make at a time or how many people can play it. Create your own word games and logic puzzles to test friends, students, and strangers with these free websites.

Although you can still browse the site, most of our games won’t work. We also offer other game categories including solitaire, card games, mahjong, hidden objects & match 3 games. Daily Str8ts – create a run of sequential numbers in any order.

Children will work with patterns, number sequences, word problems, and other puzzling scenarios. As a matter of fact, some of our most popular games on the entire website are under Logic Games. An all-time logic game classic at Coolmath Games is Bloxorz, a logic game that has been around for 15 years now. Despite its age, it remains an incredibly popular game on the site. Some online puzzles for kids can be hard to answer.

Are you looking for free logic puzzle games with no downloads? HTML5 games are cross-platform and work directly in any modern web browser, including on iOS and Android tablets and phones. These unblocked logic puzzles games can be played instantly in your web browser – no downloads, no plug-ins and no registration required. Have fun and give your brain a workout solving these logic puzzles. Crack the code in mastermind or combine the numbers to make 2048. Connect the wire to light up the lights or fold the paper in the correct order to make an image.

You can view your solving percentage statistics at any point, as long as you’re using the same browser each time. Letter Scramble – Scrabble-styled online game where you spell as many words as you can before the time runs out. Daily Wordoku – like Sudoku, except uses letter & when the puzzle is completed you create a word on the diagonal. Daily Suguru – Number puzzle where you must place a run of numbers starting from 1 inside each colored section of the puzzle.

Daily Shinro – This game is like a cross between minsweeper and sudoku. You use arrows inside the puzzle and arrows along the edge of an 8×8 puzzle to determine where the 12 marbles are hidden. Daily Line Game – fill in the white cells in the grid by creating straight lines from the numbered cells inside the puzzles. The goal is to clear all the digits from the grid.

MentalUP Logical Thinking Games are trusted by dozens of schools and over 10+ million families. MentalUP supports the development of logical reasoning and overall critical thinking skills of children. Daily Sudoku – New online & printable sudoku puzzles every day. Choose to play easy, medium, hard or expert difficulty levels.

Choose between three different grid sizes and difficulty levels. Daily Futoshiki – logic puzzle where each number can appear once in each row or column. Some areas have less than or equal signs which the entered numbers must satisfy. Learn and enjoy Logic Puzzles with 100 unique puzzles of increasing difficulty and multiple sizes.

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